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myTCC is the name of the software that delivers your online course(s) and is used to supplement on campus course(s). This orientation will provide the information you need to get started in your myTCC course(s). The initial lesson will show you how to access Blackboard and demonstrate the basic navigation and tools available from your main “myTCC” screen and the Course Home Page for each of your courses.



Logging In:





Go to MyTCC from the homepage and click myTCC.

● This link should take you directly to the myTCC Portal.



  • For future reference, you may also go directly to (You might want to bookmark that link for easier access in the future.)


Log in using the same username and password as WebAdvisor.


  • 817-515-6411 to fix WebAdvisor login issues


TCCD Distance Learning 1 September 3, 2014

Introduction and Basic Navigation My Blackboard:





  1. myTCC Resources:


● Provides quick links to other important TCC online student tools,



    1. myTCC Email, WebAdvisor, and TCC Library


  1. Tools:


● Provides access to Contact Teacher/Students, My Grades, and Personal Settings



    1. My Grades will be discussed further in later lessons


3. Get Connected:


● Links to TCC Social Networking and ways to stay informed and contact TCC



Ask TCC, Facebook, Twitter, TCC Buzz, and the TCC You Tube channel



  1. myTCC System Announcements:



    • This module provides a quick overview of new announcements in each of your courses, as well as institution-wide announcements in Blackboard.


○ A good place to glance at every time you log-in to Blackboard



○ Click to go to the full Announcement text for more information


TCCD Distance Learning 2 September 3, 2014



  1. My Courses:



    • List of you are actively enrolled in is listed with the course code, title, and instructor


○ Courses available for logging in 7 days before the course begins.


● Click course name to go to that course


6. Logout:



    • It is very important to logout when you are finished if you are using a shared or public computer. Otherwise, someone else could come and access your course as you!



Course Home Page:


Once you have clicked on a specific course, you will be taken to the Course Home Page. From here, you can access all of the main elements of your course, as well as receive important information from your instructor and myTCC notifications concerning new material in this course. While some instructors may modify the look of this Home Page somewhat, the basic elements will be the same throughout all of your courses.


  1. Announcements:



      • Just like the Announcements section on your “myTCC” page, but specific to the course you are currently accessing.


      • Important Announcements from your instructor will often be posted here, so it is important to check it every time you access the course.


○ Clicking on an Announcement will open the full “Announcement” text.



  1. What’s New:



      • This module gives you an overview of things that have happened in this course since the last time you accessed it.


      • It will show you items such as new assignments or exams that have been made available or are due as well as new blog and discussion board postings.


        • You can use the “Edit Notification Settings” button to change which items display for each



        • The “What’s New” module also provides quick access to new items. Simply click the expansion arrow next to the category title of a new item, then click on the item you want to access and myTCC will take you straight to that new item.


  1. Navigation:



    • Runs down the left-hand side of the Course Home Page as well as every other page within your courses


    • Provides quick access to each of the main pieces of the course as well as back to the Course Home Page



    • The specific items shown are set by your instructor and will vary from course to course.


    • To navigate to a listed item, simply click on it in the “Navigation” menu.


    • Some common items listed will include: Course Home Page, Start Here, Announcements, Discussion Boards, Messages, My Blogs, My Groups, My Journal, My Wikis, and My Grades


    • Some courses will list each of the lessons for that course in the “Navigation” menu, others will use a main “Lessons” or similar item on the menu or the “Start Here” page to list each of the lessons for the course. Refer to your syllabus, Course Announcements, and the “Start Here” page for more information on how each of your courses is structured.


    • You may show/hide the navigation at any time using the arrow on the right side of the “Navigation” menu.


  1. myTCC:


● Click the “myTCC” tab at the top of the page to return to myTCC at any time if you need to access a different course or one of the other tools available on the “myTCC” screen.



Hiding/Unhiding the Course Menu can be accomplished by clicking the small arrow tab to the right of the course menu (when it’s visible) or to the extreme left/center side of the screen (when it is hidden).


Visible Course Menu


Hidden Course Menu



MyTCC Course Content

In Blackboard, your main Course Content can take many different forms, depending on your instructor and the nature of each individual class. This lesson will demonstrate how to access Course Content and give an example of one of the basic types of “Course Content” layouts.

You can access Course Content by clicking on the “Lessons” button on the left hand navigation menu in your myTCC courses. There may also be other menu links to additional resource material provided by your instructor.

Course Content

Clicking on Lessons will take you to the list of lessons available. This page may vary from course to course, but will often contain a link to each Lesson Module with the name of the lesson.

**Always consult your syllabus, and if needed your instructor, for information on how you should proceed as you work your way through the Course Content. Most courses will be designed for you to work sequentially through the Lessons.**

● Clicking on the name of one of the Lessons or items listed will take you to a page specific to that content.

Course Content

The “Lesson Module” page will display each of the “Content” items available in that Lesson.

  1. The Table of Contents contains a list of the various items in that Lesson Module. You can click on any of the item titles to take you directly to that item.
  1. The highlighted Content item will display in the right portion of the screen.

**You may encounter many different types of “Content” items, including audio files, video files, PDFs, Word Documents, and images. Some of the links in the Table of Contents may also take you directly to a test, quiz, assignment, blog, journal, or discussion board forum. Your instructor will let you know how you should proceed through these content items**